• David Lucy II


Is it hope that I hold?

I thought that time would know.

Oh, how my smile has turned so cold.

I tried to take out your picture. 

Think of how I kissed you.

I can barely hear your voice now.

I’m losing something somehow.

Maybe it's regret in disguise

God knows I was far from perfect.

Ashamed of more than one secret.

But I paid dearly, my dear.

No matter where I lay my thoughts.

I won't even say that I'm here.

Even in my dreams, you'll go.

I won't even breathe when you’re near.

For that moment I hope that you know…

Back in the light, I’m still second-guessing.

Is it the weight on my shoulders, that causes my mistakes?

Is it my mistakes that pave my way?

Every question brings another.

I'm still fighting who I used to be.

Shame, it got the best of me.

©David L. Lucy II

An older piece about how thoughts change and progress but can still hold you down if you don’t let go of your past. Thankfully I’m over these feelings. Shame can be a severe enemy. I’ve had my share of moments where I walked away shaking my head asking myself “Why?” Wondering if it was that “thing” that caused the issue but I learned to look forward and focus on where I am. The past can only teach, and if you let it weigh you down, it will keep you from entirely moving forward. Thankfully we have a God who has given us grace and a clean slate. Through Him, letting go of our mistakes and our shame becomes so much easier.

God Bless You All,



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