• David Lucy II


How can I even think about winning when I'm obviously losing it

My mind is overflowed by sin, I'm practically subdued by it

The taste of failure isn't new I'll just never get used to it

Don't even try and pretend that I ever said I was perfect

We were both falling apart and lying straight  through our teeth

Smiling on the streets while we're screaming behind curtains

You crying to the sheets while I'm staring at the ceiling

Praying for release while not believing in healing

But it's all okay now I'm a let down and you're gone now

It's just a series of memories that carry more than one name

Multiple hearts that I broke all the same

The path that I've walked has left me ashamed and a mess

Though I'm somehow still standing with air in my chest

Still struggling with the thought of winning and I know I'm still losing it

Just praying to a God I know will get me through this

“Forgive me for my sins, I know I've gotten used to them.”

©David L. Lucy II


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