• David Lucy II

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

“One step forward and two steps back”

I think we need a better perspective on that aspect

On every path I've taken there's no going back

There's no halting to a stop and there's no way I'm skipping to the end

I'd rather just crawl until the pain shows on my skin

I'm just tired of the cracks in the road that I meet face to face

I'm starting to get tired over trying to find better days

I may complain about the collapse of what I feel holds value

But I know you wouldn't put me in a battle I couldn't follow you through

And I'll never take more hits from this world than what it did to You

With every breath I remember that fact

All the while trying to keep my eyes pointed up

I keep on praying again and again,

“Please show me purpose, I'm reaching out for your hand

Please make me different, I give you all that I am, amen"

©David L. Lucy II


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